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Irenic Theology

Irenic Theology From the Greek word for peace.

  • Theology that is done peaceably, accurately representing all views, even when you oppose them.  

Polemic Theology From the Greek word for warlike.

  • Theology that is done in a warlike manner inside the Church, prophetically speaking against those with whom there is a disagreement.

Apologetic Theology From the Greek word for defense. 

  • Theology that is done to defend the faith against those who oppose outside the church. 

Googling for Truth: The Importance of Irenic Theology in our Postmodern World


       Googling for truth can be a dangerous task. Who knows what one will find? How do you know whom to trust? Before Google, before the Internet, before twenty-four-hour world news, before the introduction of our globalized culture where alternative truth claims are literally at one's fingertips, people could be much more confident that the truth claims to which they adhere were an accurate representation of reality. Why? Because we did not have any other alternatives to confuse the issues.


       The naiveté that this intellectual isolation provided, while quite comforting, is no longer a luxury that we can afford to entertain and expect to have an audience in the real world. Truth is no longer simply a matter of going to the local parish on the corner and inquiring of the pastor. It is much more complex and confusing. Today, people are Googling for truth, looking for answers, and bewilderment is the most common result. Thousands of alternatives present themselves at your front door at every turn. After a while, you just don’t want to answer the door anymore. Is there a method of discovery that produces hope and assurance, without having to retreat back to the naive isolationism of the past? 

Requirements of the Irenic Method

  • Willingness to learn, adapt, and change

  • Willingness to take a risk

  • A broad knowledge base

Benefits of Irenic Method

  • Your beliefs will be more real

  • You will have degrees of conviction

  • You will have a hierarchy of beliefs

  • You will have disarmed all skeptics

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