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TheTheologyProgram.jpg is an online resource I rely on almost a daily basis. From its articles and sermons on many topics of faith, scripture, and theology. Many of these are downloadable to MP3.


     One of the resources I use the most is a program is called The Theology Program. A collection of lectures designed for the layperson. For someone with absolutely no knowledge of the Bible and no previous training. They teach slowly and conversationally. Explaining all the terms and complicated ideas.


       You can download all the classes or watch the videos. There are six courses with ten lessons each, and a lesson is about an hour long. The six courses are;


  1. Introduction to Theology

  2. Bibliology and Hermeneutics

  3. Trinitarianism

  4. Humanity and Sin

  5. Soteriology

  6. Ecclesiology and Eschatology


       Michael Patton, the director, and Rhome Dyck are the two guys that teach the class. Both have Masters in Theology but have different areas of interest that give a good roundness to the course. Often, Michael will be explaining an idea, and Rome will explain it from another point of view or a different perspective.

They never teach anything without explaining the ideas behind them. They never show one side of the debate.


       Using irenics, they show, as best they can, the view from all sides and struggle through the ideas with the students. They often admit they don't know if there is a "right" answer about something but will explain all sides and which one they believe and why.




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