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How can I help my businesses grow by adding or owning my listing on Google Maps?

By allowing you to see and anticipate trends and tailor what people see when they search Google Maps. 



     This allows you to control the Information, Map Location, Update Hours of Operation, Telephone Number, Pictures, and Reply to Reviews on Google Maps.


     This last one can turn a negative review, to a customer interaction. When someone sees a negative review, but see that the owner has at least replied to try and work out the issue, the engaging nature of replying to the negative review can negate the negative impact the review otherwise would have had.


     Owning your listing also gives you access to the analytics about your listing. This includes where people are searching for your listing, where they are asking directions from, and when people call.


You can see where your customers are driving from to better target ads.


You can see when your customers call most during the day and day of the week.


You can monitor how well your photos are trending to know when to update them.

Google_My_Business_Insights 6.PNG

You can find out how many pictures you have compared to similar business.


You can get set up to receive messages directly from your customers to answer questions.


You can monitor your performance based on your history.

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