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Who is Precision Nutrition

I first heard of PN through Cross Fit in 2018. I follow the Cross Fit Games and heard that PN was a Crossfit preferred course for nutrition. At the time I was struggling with whom to believe about my nutrition and overall health. I had followed Crossfit for years and know and trusted the community so I decided to check them out.


I was really impressed that their methods and programming had been published in peer-reviewed journals confirming their safety and effectiveness. Precision Nutrition offers many certifications, I started with Level 1, but I plan on earning more. 

The heart of the PN coaching process is a Client-First, "Follow the Evidence" approach.

There is no shaming or failure, there is only learning and feedback.

PN Coaching Process

At its heart, there are 3 Steps to a PN Coaching Method that I use. To see the full 6-step process, click on the icon to the right.

  1. Talk about how things are going and work on a plan based on your goals

  2. You take a week or two to try out the plan

  3. We meet again and talk about what worked and what didn't

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