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What is Dudeism?

       While Dudeism in its official form has been organized as a religion only recently, it has existed down through the ages in one form or another. Probably the earliest form of Dudeism was the original form of Chinese Taoism before it went all weird with magic tricks and body fluids. The originator of Taoism, Lao Tzu, basically said “smoke ’em if you got ’em” and “mellow out, man” although he said this in ancient Chinese so something may have been lost in the translation.


       Down through the ages, this “rebel shrug” has fortified many successful creeds – Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, John Lennonism, and Fo’-Shizzle-my-Nizzlism. The idea is this: Life is short and complicated and nobody knows what to do about it. So don’t stress about it. Just take it easy, man. Stop worrying so much whether you’ll make it to the finals. Kick back with some friends and some oat soda and whether you roll strikes or gutters, do your best to be true to yourself and others – that is to say, abide.


       Incidentally, the term “dude” is commonly agreed to refer to both genders. Most linguists contend that “Dudette” is not in keeping with the parlance of our times.


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       I have been asked before, "Yeah, but it Dudeism real?". By real, I think they are asking me if Dudeism is a serious religion. Well, if a "serious religion" can as its main tenet, not take itself seriously, then sure. That's kind of the point. If you're worried about its legitimacy, you're kind of missing that point. To me, Dudeim is about removing expectations, not trying to clarify and fulfill what people think it should or shouldn't call itself. If you can remove expectations, and attachments while you're at it, you can remove disappointment and the fear of losing something or being wrong.


       However, removing expectations entirely is impossible; so the point is to reduce the number of expectations as much as we can, in certain circumstances, to reduce the amount of stress in our life. To make life a little easier, and to be kind to each other. To abide in life, in our place and time.


       A marriage, or a relationship, is not a good place to not care about. But working on not having so many expectations on your spouse or partner is a good place to start. Encouraging healthy expectations and limiting unhealthy expectations takes years of practice. To know the difference, and to have the willpower to let things go. You also need to know yourself pretty well too. 

        "But doesn't Dudeism conflict with Christianity?" is the next thing I get asked. This brings up an interesting point of Dudeism. While it does have principles, and a foundation in Taoism, Dudeism is flexible. It is not based on faith or doctrine, it's more of a way to live. How does that differ from religion? Well, what is religion? For example, if you apply this method to Buddhism (a compeer of Dudeism), you can easily answer what the point of it is. 

From what is Buddhism trying to liberate us? Suffering

To what state of being is Buddhism trying to bring us? Nirvana
By what means does Buddhism attempt to do this? The Noble Eightfold Path.


Now let’s apply it to Dudeism:


From what is Dudeism trying to liberate us? Overstressing
To what state of being is Dudeism trying to bring us: Just taking it easy, man.
By what means does Dudeism attempt to do this? Abiding.

       So, to answer the original question, no, Dudeism doesn't conflict with Christianity for me. Click here to learn about what I believe. Dudeism teaches us to abide, but the Bible teaches us to abide in Jesus. And we do that by loving each other. Dudeism just helps to remind us not to get so stressed out.


There are two things you agree to when becoming ordained by the Dudeist Church:


  1. I vow to uphold the principles of Dudeism: To just take it easy, to be a dude (easygoing) to everyone I meet, and to keep my mind limber.

  2. I affirm that this ordination is for me and not for someone else, or my dog or whatever.


       Dudeism is being more like "The Dude" a character from a movie. Some people enjoy dressing up as the character, or to talk like he does in the movie but that's not really my thing.

       I dig Dudeism, and I dig the positive vibes it sends out. I like to think of Dudeism as an Inter-faith way of life. I might be wrong but I am okay with that. It will all work out.

What is Dudeism to me?

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