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About Me 

       Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I hope you have found something interesting or useful here. As I mentioned on my homepage, I have a few different things I am interested in and decided to include all of them on one website. 

       Before I joined the Army I was studying to be a graphic artist but about halfway through my degree I changed schools and started studying to be a pastor as Moody Bible Ins. and decided to follow that passion into the Army. I had the idea to become a chaplain and wanted to get some real experience as a soldier first. But life and God both and different plans. I did eventually get ordained in the Church of the Dude to help a friend get married. However, while I was in the Army I earned a diploma at the National Geospatial-Intelligence College, and my computer graphics training came in handy while I learned to make maps and about other GIS services. 

       After the Army, I worked in the Information Technolgy field and worked a few jobs before I found a job at the City of Georgetown as the Addressing Coordinator and IT support to the Fire Department. After a few years addressing was transferred to someone else, then I and a few others formed the Public Safety IT Team as a public safety-oriented team that supports Police and Fire as well as 911 Dispatch and Emergency Management. From software deployment and server upgrades to rugged computer equipment and mobile device support. And that is how you get an ordained IT professional who has an interest in survival and mitigating hazards.  

       While I was working as Addressing Coordinator I made a lot of updates in Google Maps and become a Google Local Guide and found an interest in uploaded special 360-degree photos taken on trails and learned how to link them together. I enjoyed hiking and found a way to connect my passion for hiking and the outdoors with my skills on a computer. After a few years of uploading these virtual walkthroughs and posting them to Google Maps, I become a Trusted Street View Photographer. 

That's me.

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We're not sure where he's looking. 

I wear this green hat because it provides 180-degree protection from the sun as well as decent protection from the rain. I can also fold it and put it in my back pocket.     

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